Our mission:

To empower people to take personal responsibility for their health, vitality, and quality of life.

Our purpose in serving self-insured enterprises:

To successfully address the intractable problem (and escalating cost) of chronic illness and the burdens it imposes on companies. To design a solution that actually works for companies and their employees.

Gary V. Koyen, PhD

CEO and Founder of The Cruxpoint Method
Gary V. Koyen has over 45 years of experience as a breakthrough consultant. An experienced international consultant, he has worked with leaders and companies in America, Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Singapore. In addition to his extensive study of psychology, he has a strong quantitative background in hard sciences, advanced math, logic, statistics, and research design, which makes him uniquely able to apply real intellectual rigor to the process of change and sustained success. As a breakthrough consultant, he is creative and provocative, valued by senior leaders for his insight, candor, and courage in guiding people and companies to breakthroughs in wellbeing and performance. He has consulted with various divisions of AT&T (including Bell Laboratories), Duke Power Company (now Duke Energy), Chase-Manhattan Bank (now JP Morgan-Chase), Livermore Labs, PRD of Australia, Idaho National Energy Lab, Greyhound, Turner Broadcasting, Cox Communications, MCI, American Express-Asia, AGL Resources Inc., Prudential Insurance of America, Cisco Systems, Delta Air Lines, Safeco Insurance, The Hartford, Avaya, Erie Insurance, and numerous smaller companies. He is also an experienced small business entrepreneur, having launched several businesses during his career. In 2010, Gary began a serious quest to bring his breakthrough methodologies to the health arena, resulting in the 2017 launch of Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough, Inc. In 2017 he began writing the book: Living Sick in a World of Abundance, to be published in 2020. Gary was born in Fremont, Nebraska and grew up on a farm east of Fremont. He is an avid outdoorsman and athlete, involved in camping, hiking, scuba, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, mountaineering, mountain biking, skiing, hunting, fishing, snowshoeing, running, and other athletic activities.
“You cannot transform your health and vitality without first transforming how you live. You won’t transform how you live without first transforming yourself.”
Gary V. Koyen, PhD
CEO and Founder of the The Cruxpoint MethodTM

Ron Renjilian

As a former IBM executive and serial entrepreneur, Ron Renjilian brings hands-on leadership to Cruxpoint. Ron is deeply experienced in raising capital and building startups and particularly enjoys working with early-stage technology companies. With his experience in C-suite sales, account management, and investor recruitment, Ron leads Cruxpoint’s e-commerce services and Cruxpoint for Enterprises. Ron graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a B.S. in Business Administration. He is also a guest lecturer at Denver University’s Daniels College of Business on the topic of Customer Experience Management.

Mark B. Saunders, MA

Director of Client & Community Relations
Mark Saunders is a professional writer and editor, marketer (including as the Director of Public Relations for the Colorado Rapids), college English instructor, and health coach. Mark is also a living example that Cruxpoint’s programs work. Twelve years ago, he was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. He entered a lifestyle intervention program similar to Cruxpoint, and within six months, the cancer became undetectable — and remains so today. He is co-author of two books on prostrate cancer: Prostate Cancer: A New Approach to Treatment and Healing and Do You Have Prostate Cancer? A Compact guide to Diagnosis and Health and a publisher at Vital Health Press. An avid hiker, skier, cyclist, and outdoor enthusiast, most mornings you can find Mark and his Brazilian rescue dog, Bianca, on the trails above Boulder, Colorado.

Jenny Perry, ACSM

Certified Exercise Physiologist
Jenny Perry's background in health and exercise science and cancer rehabilitation spurred her interest in personal training. As a certified exercise physiologist, she is an expert at creating exercise prescriptions for those with medically controlled diseases and illnesses. Her real speciality lies in bringing a fun and sweat-inducing workout to the table that keeps people coming back for more. As a trainer and Breakthrough Coach for Cruxpoint, she has an insightful view of the deep and empathetic connection needed to assist clients in reaching their goals. Jenny is a firm believer in the power of the Cruxpoint Breakthrough Methodology and sees what is needed and necessary in order to break through and become the best version of one’s self.

James Newton

Senior Vice President
James Newton is a highly skilled and sought-after trainer, facilitator, coach, and consultant who has been working with Gary since 1982. James is a nationally known consultant, facilitator, and trainer with over 25 years of experience bringing a unique blend of insight and business acumen to the developmental issues of accountability, change, visionary thinking, and leadership. A sought-after keynote speaker, he combines inspiration and insight with practical application, delivering a compelling, highly relevant message to his audiences. Acknowledged by the CEO community as a highly influential and transformative executive coach and strategist, James has consulted with the CEOs, executive teams, key business leaders, and boards of major Fortune 500 organizations. He is focused on recruiting, building, training, and managing the delivery teams for Cruxpoint.

Lee Rice, D.O.

EVP & Medical Director
Dr. Lee Rice brings 30+ years of experience as a family and sports medicine physician. He has served as team physican for numerous professional and Olympic teams, including the San Diego Chargers, San Diego Clippers, San Diego Gulls, San Diego Sockers, USA Olympic Volleyball teams, and numerous America’s Cup sailing syndicates. As the co-founder of the Sports Medicine Association and founder of Lifewellness Institute, Dr. Rice is a pioneer in the concierge-medicine practice. Highly respected, well-known, and well-connected, he participates in the design and delivery of Cruxpoint programs, and is a contributor to our online content library. Dr. Rice’s passion is to facilitate positive life transformation through education and inspiration. Dr. Rice is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine. He is a founder and past president of both the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.

David Buchler, Ph.D.

Certified Personal Trainer and former surgeon
Dr. Buchler was board certified in foot and ankle surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons for 19 years, until an automobile accident and severe neck injury ended David’s career in medicine and surgery. He then turned his focus to the fitness industry, a life-long passion. He has participated in a multitude of different sports, including weightlifting, skiing, Tae Kwon Do, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and running -- and has finished the Denver Marathon. David designs and directly supervises exercise programs for clients with post surgical, post injury, or specialized medical conditions, but enjoys working with clients of all ages and fitness levels who want a safe and proper technique-based approach to exercise and fitness.

Gerry Schmidt, Ph.D.

Master therapist and transformational coach
Gerry Schmidt, Ph.D is a master therapist as well as a transformational coach, health consultant, and speaker on the subject of resiliency, trauma, and rapid transformational change. He has 35 years of private practice as a psychotherapist / transformational coach. Gerry has been a partner with Gary Koyen in bringing intensive, high-impact change processes to corporate America, and has provided breakthrough therapy to many thousands of individuals. He brings depth, maturity, and leadership to the Cruxpoint mental health services. His relaxed style, personal availability, and extensive experience create an inspiring environment for rapid change. Gerry is a co-author of The New Technology of Achievement, author of Reimprinting with Divine Intervention, and two books on change. He also has a TRE Certification which enables him to provide tension and trauma release exercises. He is also an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practioner. Gerry lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife and loves being on, in, or near the ocean.

William Blanchet, M.D.

Owner / Medical Director | Front Range Preventive Imaging
Dr. Bill Blanchet is a well-known and respected member of the Colorado medical community. A local keynote speaker and advocate of early detection and prevention of heart disease and colon cancer, he is passionate about providing effective management of cardiac health in his patients. Dr. Blanchet combines a wonderful, kind approach with keen intellectual abilities and his patients benefit from his willingness to take the time necessary to diagnose and treat complex medical conditions.

Patricia Henry, D.C.

Director of Chiropractic | Optimal Longevity, LLC
Dr. Pat Henry brings 25 years of experience and ongoing education in the realm of functional and anti-aging medicine. For the last 20 years she has focused specifically on the direct application of nutrition, functional medicine and anti-aging lifestyle strategies, currently through Optimal Longevity, LLC. She also holds a Brain Fitness certification from the A4M. She is trained in the Bredesen Protocol from MPI and has completed extensive coursework in functional endocrinology, neurology, thyroid, and blood chemistry. As a former national level physique competitor, Pat incorporates over 30 years of experience in exercise and nutrition geared toward building and maintaining a lean, healthy body composition while promoting fat burning, a cornerstone to healthy longevity.

Eric Dorninger, RND, LAC

Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncturist | Roots & Branches Integrative Health Care
After years of seeing frustrated patients with mediocre results, Dr. Dorninger revolutionized his practice of medicine by shifting away from “band-aid” treatments that cover up symptoms. His integrative practice in Boulder, CO focuses on a thorough initial intake and lab evaluation in order to formulate a sincere diagnosis of the deeper, underlying causes.