About the ACES Program


Build your dream


Decide that you will do it


Do the work that gets the results


Make it your permanent way of living

The Cruxpoint ACES Program is a comprehensive, quality-of-life, 18-month engagement. The focus is on health and vitality, and living in a way that produces a long lifespan and a long health-span. The program is designed around each individual participant’s goals and desired results. Each participant’s program is tailored and customized. The goals are optimal longevity and sustained quality of life: To be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong into your nineties.

Learning processes and content

Large group seminar-style-events

1 or 1/2 day per month, led by a senior Cruxpoint trainer, and organized around specific topics

Small group seminar-style events

Organized around specific diseases, conditions, disabilities, and problems—so that those with shared goals or shared problems can meet and work together, with the support of a Cruxpoint Breakthrough Coach

Five-person GRIT Groups

Supported by a Breakthrough Coach


Supported by a Breakthrough Coach

Expertly curated guidance

Directing you to the most useful tools and content online, in books, and in articles

Supportive learning platforms

We’ll connect you to a host of materials, such as participant manuals, handouts, blog posts, podcasts, video clips, Facebook posts, and miscellaneous tools, assessments, and other resources

What you can expect from the program

Most participants will achieve all their goals in 12-15 months, but the program is up to two years long for several reasons:

  1. Gaining control of your health and fitness requires getting and understanding the right information. This is a big challenge and requires time. It is truly a learning journey.
  2. Some people’s goals simply cannot be achieved in less than two years. If you are obese, diabetic, with high blood pressure, it will take up to two years to resolve these conditions. If you have advanced atherosclerosis it may take up to two years to make sure that this disease is stopped or reversed.
  3. Being part of a large community of like-minded and like-committed people is crucial to success. Very few people—less than 15%—successfully “go it alone.” It takes time to become part of a community of committed people.
  4. There are social adjustments to make. It’s not easy. It takes time to figure out how to make things work with your friends, colleagues, and family.
  5. You want these new results, and the lifestyle changes that created them, to be permanent. You don’t want to yo-yo. You want a way of living that gives you what you want consistently. It takes time for this to be your new way of living.

Real success requires continuous and sustained support from an educated, dedicated, professional team. That’s us. The Cruxpoint trainers and coaches will be with you through the journey.

The Big Seven:

Nutrition / Ingestion

Eating for vitality, health, and life; avoiding inflammatory foods; emphasis on high-quality fuel for your body and mind; optimal functioning of bodily systems

Movement, exercise, muscle mass and muscle/fat ratio; body composition; optimal functioning of bodily systems; being a physically competent adult human being—strong, agile, flexible, with maximum balance and proprioception; flexible and pain-free joints

Physical competence / fitness

Recovery, repair, readiness, dream time, mental and emotional integration, “hauling out the trash,” optimal functioning of bodily systems

Engage in deliberate forms of positive stress; eliminate chronic, destructive, degrading stress; optimal functioning of bodily systems

Attitude Toward Life

Your relationship to your own life; how you value your life; how you take care of yourself; all the questions of purpose, meaning, significance, fulfillment, and general mindset

Taming reactive emotions; resolving emotional conflict or trauma; living the emotional life you want

Managing your mental and emotional life

Community and social connection; friends, family, and colleagues; strong and healthy social networks; deep emotional connections; building and sustaining loving relationships


Understanding your biomarkers, medical labs, and other measures of health, vitality, and quality of life.

Baseline Measures:

Getting all your important baseline measures from which you will set goals and measure progress. This includes medical labs, scans, tests; biomarkers (measures of health and fitness); health conditions and symptoms; as well as your own self-assessments on 17 dimensions of your life. The idea here is to identify, measure (where needed), and track progress on all the fronts that are important to you.

Individual Differences:

There are important individual differences that affect our ability to achieve and maintain vitality, and create the life we want.

Individual Microbiome (Gut Flora): Pre-biotics, probiotics, immune system, auto-immune reactivity, repair and maintenance, total system functioning
Food Sensitivities And Allergies: Foods and substances that trigger inflammatory and/or allergic responses
Personal Biochemistry/Genome
Manifest Diseases & Conditions
Life Experiences: Resolve emotional difficulties

Additional Content
  • Nutrition

  • Fitness & physical competence

  • Mental & emotional health

  • Major diseases, conditions, and disabilities

  • Envisioning and committing to the life you want

  • Core Cruxpoint beliefs and assumptions