“Cruxpoint makes people unsatisfied with mediocrity.”

“There are other groups that sell transformations but their results fall far short.”

“Thank you is an understatement. Today, I was different. My words, my attitude, my actions – and not just at work. I wasn’t fully anticipating that, and I am certain it will stick. Moreover, a critical member of the team was different, and we were doubtful that he would be. [I have] renewed resolve, and even a sense of peace.”

“My team and I could deliver the changes over time but you make it happen much faster than we could and that has real value.”

“Success is a four-legged stool: people, process, technology, and culture. You take care of people and culture.”

“You absolutely produced results. You found the right balance of tough, direct, and encouraging.  No broken bones. All of my discussions with employees about Cruxpoint’s role have been positive, bordering on effusive. You made my decision look really smart.”

“Cruxpoint can be tougher than internal people can be and that’s a good thing.”

“These guys are really gutsy. They’d rather be fired than be ordinary.”