AN HONEST SOLUTION TO employee health & vitality ... and YOUR RISING HEALTH CARE COSTS

Corporate healthcare costs are out of control, and it’s time for a solution that actually gets your employees better. We design health breakthroughs that target your least-well, highest-cost, highest-risk employees to produce durable change, reduce your costs, and deliver higher-quality employees.

Our mission is to successfully address the problem of chronic illness and the burden it imposes on companies.

60% of Americans live with at least one chronic disease

~$4 trillion in annual health care costs, nationally

2-5% of employees cause over 50% of cost per year

$50,000 = yearly national health care spending per family of four

The American workforce is sicker than ever before. And THE ESCALATING COSTS ARE NOT SUSTAINABLE.

But you already knew that.

The good news: 75% of these chronic, non-communicable diseases can be prevented (source: CDC) – and most can be reversed – through lifestyle changes.

That’s where we come in.

% of chronic conditions addressed
Years of consulting experience
clients transformed


  • Save on your year-over-year healthcare costs
  • Restore health and vitality to health-compromised employees
  • Reduce side costs
  • More engaged, inspired, and committed employees
  • Contribute to an inspiring company culture
  • Increase employee productivity

The Cruxpoint Solution

Our seminars and programs are designed to get to the crux of chronic disease and conditions and lead your employees out of medical treatment through durable change and restored health. Preventable chronic disease is costing you money. A lot of it. And where traditional wellness programs have failed, we know how to succeed.

Our proven and powerful approach unwinds disease, restores health and vitality, and enables your employees to deliver 40 hours reliably and productively. It’s not a fad, not a hack – The Cruxpoint Method addresses root causes and enables participants to make the lifestyle changes that will restore their vitality and reduce your costs.

The Cruxpoint Method is not a short-term solution, and it doesn’t deliver only short-term results. Let’s get your people better. For good.

In 40 years of breakthrough consulting, we've worked with...

… and dozens more.


"You absolutely produced results. You found the right balance of tough, direct, and encouraging .... All of my discussions with employees about Cruxpoint's role have been positive, bordering on effusive. You made my decision look really smart."
“There are other groups that sell transformations but their results fall far short.”
“Thank you is an understatement. Today, I was different. My words, my attitude, my actions – and not just at work. I wasn't fully anticipating that, and I am certain it will stick. Moreover, a critical member of the team was different, and we were doubtful that he would be. [I have] renewed resolve, and even a sense of peace.”
“Success is a four-legged stool: people, process, technology, and culture. You take care of people and culture.”

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